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Men's Underwear

The Gay Men Underwear

Underwear is a necessity for everyone. It is also used for a variety of different purposes such as providing support, or as protection from the environment. Thanks to modern technology, underwear has become available in almost any style imaginable. However, many men still prefer a particular type of underwear that best suits their lifestyle and needs.

Underwear is in direct contact with the skin and is also called the second skin. Different types of men’s underwear and variations on each of the styles are widely available. As such, comfort is paramount in underwear and while many men prefer one kind of underwear, it makes more sense to choose the style based on the day’s activity. Underwear is essential for hygiene and some styles provide support in regulating the body’s shape. Social situations, weather conditions, and apparel can affect the style of underwear men wears.

In the same way that it evolved, underwear continues to adapt to your needs. Look for patterns, fun designs, and innovative fabrics that are absorbent, quick-drying, or give you extra comfort.

Men's Underwear - Past / Present / Future

The oldest example of men’s underwear, the leather loincloth, dates back to the caveman in early 3000 BC. The loincloth is the simplest form of underwear that is draped around the hips and groin. This was the first time when men were observed wearing anything other than a fig leave to cover up their privates.

Over time, underwear evolved into a second garment that was worn underto clothing. Wearing underwear decreased the amount of time needed launder trousers and outerwear. Additionally, it was less protective and less expensive to replace than a pair of pants.

Gay Men Underwear

Around the mid-1920s a boxing company called Everlast began to tweak the leather trunks worn by prize fighters opting for something more comfortable with an elastic band. From this invention came the beginning of boxer shorts.

In 1934, a man by the name of Arthur Kneibler, a senior executive at Coopers, Inc, a hosiery company, received a telegram from a close friend in France. The picture on the front of the postcard was a man wearing a small bikini-style swimsuit. This triggered the imagination of Kneibler who immediately realized that this type of apparel could be worn by men as underwear. He then created what he would eventually name “Jockey shorts

The underwear industry began to flourish in the 1970s and by the beginning of the 1980s, fashion designers like Calvin Klein turned underwear into a publicly displayed form of fashion, and today it is probably the most counterfeited underwear, even though the fakes can be really bad, like the one below.

Men's underwear is available in different styles and the majority of men generally prefer wearing a particular style no matter the activity. Long gone are the days when the choice of men’s underwear was simple and limited. Despite the fact, the underwear is a lesser talked about subject in menswear; the options available in this category these days are ample. It makes more sense to wear a different style when traveling, working out at the gym or when wearing trim denim or trousers instead of wearing the same style all day every day.

Are you ready to fill your underwear drawer with a wide selection of comfortable briefs, trunks or jockstraps? We have all the styles, colours, and sizes you've been searching for.

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