Jockstrap, Thong & G-String - Which One Is For YOU !

The decision to wear a jock strap is a personal preferences, what you are doing, and what other clothing you're wearing at the time. While jockstraps are designed to protect men’s genitalia, they’re also key to preventing serious groin strain. Therefore, wearing a jockstrap while undertaking non-athletic daily activities can significantly reduce the risk of groin strain. Wearing a jockstrap every day makes all the sense in the world for active males. From improved quality and ergonomic design to high-tech materials and fashion features, the jockstrap has gone mainstream. Composed of an elastic waistband, a support pouch, and two elastic straps that run from the base of the pouch to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip, the jockstrap is most often worn by athletes during competition. This trend is changing, No longer is the jockstrap worn solely for high-energy athletic events, it’s become a more versatile undergarment that has captured the menswear market. Jockstraps have become a component of men’s daily wardrobes. Not only do they offer the traditional health and protection benefits, but also quality design, materials and features that make them more comfortable. Jockstrap quality has soared in recent years as manufacturers have responded to jockstrap wearers’ requests for improved comfort and fit.

Men's Jockstrap Thong G-String

Men's thong is the prefect fit to the guys who need to wear a jockstrap. The support that thong for men gives is unrivaled, particularly for such a minimalist undergarment. You get the frontal support you need, typically in the form of a soft-designed pouch, and nothing more.

STUD mens thong are super comfortable to wear and can be a great fit to replace a jockstrap for any reason. Many men wearing thong and g string for sport activities  or under tights where the strips of a jockstrap might show.


Which one is better for sport?  Straps on jocks have more places of contact, which means more potential points of rubbing.


A thong is going to be in one place right between the cheeks. It’s not going to be moving side to side like a jock could.  If you like to wear tighter workout clothes then a thong will give less visible lines. Other thought is a thong is more back to front, so should give better lift and support over the jock. Plus the straps of a jock are just elastic, so they can get more stretched out than a thong’s that is stitched in fabric normally.

With either a jock or a thong, it is going to come down to the specific one. STUD Australia jockstrap, thong and g-string are comfortable for any activity you like to do.  Do you wear both jocks and thongs? Do you prefer one over the other? What’s the pros and cons of each in your mind? let us know in the comment below

One reason for choosing jockstrap is for maximum support when playing sports – the leg straps are functional, and not everybody wants a string up their ass. It is your butt crack that provides the support for the thong / g-string to stay on.  The string runs down your butt rather than around your legs.  No straps appear around the legs like they do with a jockstrap. All three provide sex appeal within the LGBTQ community for obvious reasons.  Check STUD Wear it Proud jockstraps, thong / g-string collections and please do not hesitate to contact us for any question.

STUD Australia is a Sydney based brand online gay shop with a range of men's underwear,  jockstrap,  thong / g-string, circuit party elastic chest and body harness, men's harness, men's swimwear and much more...

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