Men's Underwear

Even though underwear is never seen (not until...wink wink), it still ends up being the most important piece of clothing. A perfectly fit underwear will keep your important part supported all day long and will give you the confidence to indulge in different activities. With the fast changing trends, there is no doubt that men underwear has come a long way.

While there may be a variety of options for men's to choose from, briefs, trunks , jockstraps or men thong (g-string).

Mens Underwear

Men's Briefs

Briefs are the best choice for active man. They come in a variety of colours, sizes, and designs. They can be comfortably worn under anything as they just cover the backside, but the upper thighs and side of the legs are not covered. This is perfect for men's who want extra support without an excess of fabric. Mid-rise briefs sits at the natural waistline and keep the testicle supported.

Men's Trunks

Trunks are the hybrid of boxer briefs and briefs with short legs and without the excess of fabric. So if you are a big time fan of briefs, but want more cover, go in with the trunks as they can be easily worn with just about anything.


If you are someone who had recently undergone an operation or are looking for a superior frontal support, jockstraps will be the solution. They lift up the package, but the buttocks are left hanging. The butt cheeks are supported with the help of two strings while the testicles are supported with a pouch. This is a perfect example of pouch underwear.

Men's Thong / G - String

Thong & g-string have incredible support, functionality and practical qualities, offer a greater freedom as it packs its goods well to allow unrestricted movement while offering comfort and fashion.

Apart from choosing a comfortable pair, it is also important to choose an underwear that wicks away the sweat and thus prevent chafing, great underwear will boost confidence if you are comfortable inside.

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