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The Gay Men Australia Jockstrap

Jockstrap Background:

Jockstraps were invented in 1874 with a specific purpose; it was meant to serve as a protection to bicycle jockeys especially when they ride through cobblestone streets. Then they became immensely popular with various sports that require some form of support or protection. Some are even used in medical applications where some form of support is required to sustain the muscles or bones.

The jockstraps come with a fabric pouch that is meant to protect the man's private parts. Extra protection can be secured with the presence of an addition cup which is optional in some menswear. The optional cup is meant to guard against possible harsh impact that might hurt the man's private parts. These are known as the athletic jockstraps where athletes tend to be more prone to injury during their sports involvement.

Jockstraps are still very relevant today with the same list of applications although more applications may have come on the scene due to a progressive lifestyle and advancing technology. Furthermore, jockstraps have expanded into the realms of fashion and style.


The Gay Jockstrap:

Designers and manufacturers are constantly creating new styles and designs to fit the current and new applications for jockstraps. Many designers and manufacturers of jockstraps are aware that more males in general and especially the gay community are interested in jockstraps not so much for the protection it offers as per its origin purpose but to make a fashion statement in various circles.

As a gay male we want keeping intact the conventional use of the fashion jockstrap underwear style to woo our partners as well as feel supportive and sexy as the same time.

STUD Men Jockstrap Underwear:

Comfortable: The men's jockstrap underwear is made with high quality fabrics for better comfort down there. The pouch has a snug fit that lifts the crotch to an elevated position, keeping it safe from chafing and abrasions.

Sporty: STUD jockstraps design for pleasure purposes as well as athletic jockstraps for playing or rigorous activity purposes.

Enhances profile: Men jockstraps are meant to keep the manhood supported and in that due course, it enhances the anatomy to a position where it is visible under the pants.

Manly: The physical appearance of jocks is very manly and appealing. The style is a perfect balance of support and comfort while the colours, designs and pouch options available range from very manly and diversified to pieces with a slight touch of feminism.

Gay Australia Jockstrap

STUD jockstraps are designed with fashion in mind and they accommodate all tastes and likes. When looking to buy the best jockstraps in the market, the material is something that you will need to select carefully as it can largely determine how comfortable you end up feeling.

Men Jockstrap Sydney

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