The Men Underwear

The Men Briefs

Briefs are the choice of active men as it is the most comfortable option. They come in a variety of colours, sizes, and designs. They can be comfortably worn under anything as they just cover the backside, but the upper thighs and side of the legs are not covered. This is perfect for men's who want extra support without an excess of fabric.

The Men Boxer Brief

Famous among the athletes where they do not need any loose fitting underwear. The mens boxer briefs provide comfort to the athletes in a relatively fixed position. Mens briefs were first sold on 1935 and in recent year's mens boxer briefs have become popular.

Mens boxer briefs have an elasticized waistband near the wearer's waist, while the leg sections are fairly loose and extend to the mid-thigh. There is usually a fly, either with or without buttons. The waistbands of boxer shorts are usually wider than those of briefs, and often bear the brand name of the manufacturer. Boxer shorts with colorful patterns, pictures of cartoon characters, sports team logos and slogans are readily available. The mens boxers are in the existence from 1925 and gained popularity around 1947.

The Men Trunks

Trunks are the hybrid of boxer briefs and briefs with short legs and without the excess of fabric. So if you are a big time fan of briefs, but want to try something new, go in with the trunks as they can be easily worn with just about anything.

The Men Jockstraps

Designed for sports activity and it has a support pouch with two elastic strips attached to the base of the pouch. The male jockstrap has been in the use since 1888 and it is derived from the slang term jack, which means athlete.

The Men G-strings

Having enjoyed the freedom that G-strings offer in inner wear and are no longer restricted or embarrassed about what they wear inside out. Many males are enjoying G-strings more than females as this men's underwear piece seems to offer a greater freedom as it packs its goods well to allow unrestricted movement while offering comfort and fashion.

G-strings can offer the best of male physique without being overly showy and disrespectful. The many designs, colours, styles and sizes offer the male clientele a host of choices that will fit every need, objective and budget.

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