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The Gay Swimwear

Men swimwear are no longer an old fashion wear. At earlier periods men's were forced to stick in one style of wear. And thus they had lesser opportunity to pose their attractive figure. But has the time passed designers started realizing that it is high time there is no innovation been bought in men's swimsuits. Today these swimsuits are equally competing with that of woman's wear...Read More

Gay Swimwear

The men's swim brief first hit Sydney beaches in the summer of 60-61. It wasn't the just a first for Sydney, but daringly, it was the first time in the world men wore such a small cossie. The swimsuit sat on the hips rather than the waist. It also removed all fabric from the legs, and had a narrow side of roughly 5cm. These were practical considerations, as the design allowed for unrestricted movement in the water. When the swim brief was first worn on Bondi Beach, there was a mixed reaction of shock and admiration. Several men were arrested and sent before a magistrate. The magistrate was not interested in pursuing charges, and the rest is history. During the controversy, sales of the new cossie went sky-high, and the design quickly became a classic cut, and was worn with pride by countless Australian men.

Gay Swimwear

Men's swimwear is available in various styles and the most popular styles are the speedo briefs and trunk:

The Speedo - The most popular gay men swimwear that is considered to be a staple in most gay men wardrobes are the speedo briefs. Speedo changed the look of the market by launching skin-tight Lycra swimsuits (not just for men, but also for women). In terms of coverage, the men's Speedo offers the least amount of coverage, with men's swimming boxers cover a bit more. The small, skin-tight Speedo for men is most often favored by the die-hard swimmer as it presents the most freedom and comfort for the whole range of swimming strokes.

Swim Trunks - While the design is usually pretty standard and simple, what makes swim trunks unique is the design on the material used. Men can choose from animal prints, solid colors, stripes, plaids, polka dots, or any other pattern or design that can be dreamt up under the sun. There can also be slight variations between suits by adding pockets or cording. Men's swimwear also has the option of a drawstring or an elastic waistband.

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