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Mens Swimwear - Brief or Trunk Which One Are You !!!

Men's Swimwear

The men's swim brief first hit Sydney beaches in the summer of 60-61. It wasn't the just a first for Sydney, but daringly, it was the first time in the world men wore such a small cossie. The swimsuit sat on the hips rather than the waist. It also removed all fabric from the legs, and had a narrow side of roughly 5cm. These were practical considerations, as the design allowed for unrestricted movement in the water. When the swim brief was first worn on Bondi Beach, there was a mixed reaction of shock and admiration. Several men were arrested and sent before a magistrate. The magistrate was not interested in pursuing charges, and the rest is history. During the controversy, sales of the new cossie went sky-high, and the design quickly became a classic cut, and was worn with pride by countless Australian men.

The men's swim brief became an Aussie Icon for several reasons. The swimsuit was the "all Australian cossie". At the time, the brief was unique to Australia, and it was worn as a matter of Australian pride. It was a world first, as Australian men had dared to go briefer than any before them! Once men experienced the exhilarating freedom of movement through the water, they were reluctant to go back to looser, baggier swimsuits, with all the drag they created.This new style of men's swimwear also became an icon, because it was made by an iconic Australian company, and was also manufactured in several locations in Australia. The design later went around the world, with Speedo licensing the design to be manufactured in other countries. Speedo was so successful, that its name became a generic term for the swim brief.The great Australian men's swimsuit was worn by several Australian prime ministers. Among others, both Bob Hawke and Harold Hold were known to wear this iconic style of mens swimwear.

Fashion trends come and go, but the iconic Aussie swim brief lives on as a classic cut in men's swimwear.

Mens Swimwear Briefs

Men Swimwear Briefs

A low rise sleek and sexy swimwear designed to give you an enviable clean cut tanline. KILO features a striking and cool signatu re yellow and navy camouflage print which is a recurrent theme for this collection. One side is detailed with a striking white and black striated panel for a graphic contrast. Fully lined interior with drawstring front.

Mens Swimwear Trunk

Men Trunk Swimwear

Trunk cut swimwear with a masculine fuller fit. Front contoured pouch with an unique metal detachable buckle to the front and elasticated striped waistband that has a strong nautical feel. Fully lined interior and each side features faux pocket flaps detailed with polished metal buttons. A reworked version of our Captain's Trunk from our debut 2009 collection updated for the modern generation. Quality fabric with special UV protection and chlorine resistance.

Gay Men Cheeky Swimwear

Gay MenCheeky Brief Swimwear

DEACON low rise swimwear that incorporates white mesh fabrication into a panelling design thatreveals just enough of your muscular butt  to get those testosterone racing. Classy not thrashy! The waistband is fabricated from textured rubber with a straited effect reminiscent of a rifle gunsling and our specially designed commemorative detachable buckle completes this design. Perfect for gay cruises and pool parties everywhere this summer!

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