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The Gay Men Underwear & Swimwear Guide

They are of three types of men underwear - boxer shorts, boxer briefs, which is a combination between a brief and boxers and then the third type are the briefs. These are all typically supported by elastic at the waist. Normal briefs consist of legs that are short and they also wrap the legs at the start of the thigh zone. Then there is the boxer brief which is a cross of boxer shorts and men's brief. The introduction of the boxer briefs was in the year 1990 and ever since, it has garnered great popularity because of it being comfortable and yet stylish.

men speedo trunk swimwear

Men's underwear come in many type of styles. These are bikinis, thongs, briefs (Speedo) that are of low rise in nature, jockstraps etc. These are some of the exclusive types available everywhere. Materials used for the production of men's underwear are varied in quality and fabrics. Common material or fabric is the one that has absorbing properties, for the absorption of sweat and thereby enable the skin to be comfortable. Then it should be stretchable, flexible and also provide easy movement to the undies. Fabrics for the men's underwear should be of durable quality, so that they don't get tampered after many washes. These undies are available in various colours and patterns that make the undies attractive and also stylish too.

Similarly, men's swimwear should be of materials and fabrics that would give a feeling that is as dry as a bone. Then while taking a swim in the water and it should not stick to the body. Men's swimwear are available in many types and varieties, like trunks, swim briefs (Speedo) swim short, swim bandeau etc.

Men's swimwear is available in various styles and the most popular styles are the speedo briefs and trunk:

The Speedo

The most popular gay men swimwear that is considered to be a staple in most gay men wardrobes are the speedo briefs. Speedo changed the look of the market by launching skin-tight Lycra swimsuits (not just for men, but also for women). In terms of coverage, the men's Speedo offers the least amount of coverage, with men's swimming boxers cover a bit more. The small, skin-tight Speedo for men is most often favored by the die-hard swimmer as it presents the most freedom and comfort for the whole range of swimming strokes.

Swim Trunks

While the design is usually pretty standard and simple, what makes swim trunks unique is the design on the material used. Men can choose from animal prints, solid colors, stripes, plaids, polka dots, or any other pattern or design that can be dreamt up under the sun. There can also be slight variations between suits by adding pockets or cording. Men's swimwear also has the option of a drawstring or an elastic waistband.

STUD ME UP Australia swimwear collection bring you sexy and styles the gay men swimwear:

gay men speedo brief swimwear


A low rise sleek and sexy style designed to give you an enviable clean cut tanline. KILO features a striking and cool signatu re yellow and navy camouflage print which is a recurrent theme for this collection. One side is detailed with a striking white and black striated panel for a graphic contrast. Fully lined interior with drawstring front.


A low rise swimwear that incorporates white mesh fabrication into a panelling design that reveals just enough of your muscular butt  to get those testosterone racing. Classy not thrashy! The waistband is fabricated from textured rubber with a straited effect reminiscent of a rifle gunsling and our specially designed commemorative detachable buckle completes this design. Perfect for gay cruises and pool parties everywhere this summer!


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