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The Gay Circuit Party Clack Fan

Gay Clack Fan is a must have accessory in any circuit party especially during summer time  then you can still beat the heat by using special bamboo made gay hand folding fan. These clack fan are quite popular nowadays and are used in circuit parties s to keep off the heat and enjoy the event easily. The fans that are used for these events are also customized that ensures that they remember it forever.

Here are five (5) practical tips on how to care for Clack hand fans.

The folding nature of hand fans, in part, is a result of the folds that are made on their paper or fabric leaf. Thus, except for wood fans, the folds of folding fans - especially if they are made of a thick material - usually need a good amount of time to be established so they can be flipped open and closed quickly and easily.

It is always essential to keep your hand fans in their box, pouch, or stand when not in use. Doing so not only helps to keep them clean and fragrant, particularly if they are made of sandalwood, it also protects their metal rivet from damaging, breaking, or getting loose.

A folding clack fan works so hard in circuit parties so  keeping its ribs secured and intact. You will easily know, however, when the metal rivet starts to get loose when the fan:

  • Feels easier than usual to flip open and close;

  • Seems unsteady when waved back and forth; and,

  • Needs to be held with added pressure as repeated fanning motion causes its ribs to gradually slide and close.

At the first signs of any of these, check that the tiny dome-shaped cover of the metal rivet is tightly sealed, or else, leaving it that way will further expose it to various pressures that may eventually cause it to break.

Gently brush-off the dirt that comes in contact with your silk, cotton, paper, or feather fan before it creates a stain that becomes hard to remove and that damages its design. Wash your silk or cotton fan, if necessary.

Fans can lend a gentle to strong breeze. However, such is, basically, influenced by the strength and thickness of the material of their leaf. Avoid stressing your hand fans by picking the right one that suits your need:

  • Paper fans, due to the wide availability of their material, are regularly cheap but are usually suitable for a slightly breezy to cool but humid weather;

  • Feather fans, owing to the delicate nature of feather, are best used for gentle fanning or as an accessory to formal, evening occasions; and,

  • Wood, as well as cotton, buri, and silk fans, because of the proven durability of their leaf, are highly useful for long-term and frequent use during a hot and humid weather.

Care for your fans like you would a precious work of art and enjoy them not only for the cooling comfort that they lend or as a summer accessory, but also as a fine masterpiece that is the work of hands by hand fan artisans.

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