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Are You Ready for Your Next Circuit Party?

Gay love to party, express themselves with music, express their sexuality with no barriers, and feel free, perfect opportunity to network with beautiful and interesting people from around extend the world who are part of the same community and to celebrate who you are!

The circuit party emerged in the late 1980s and came out of the underground gay club playing almost exclusively electronic dance music. The circuit soon become a network of underground nightclubs where gay men could dance together.

These early small and intimate parties were all looking for a way to connect with each other, become large events every year, there are amazing circuit parties with a large scale and big production in beautiful destinations around the world. The parties extend through the night and into the following day, almost always with a number of affiliated events in the days leading up to and following the main event.

Gay Circuit Party

What to Wear? with circuit parties (gay rave parties) less is more, express yourself with no limit. Chest elastic harness will bring your chest, pecs, and shoulders stick out. It’s a masculine look any many would be proud to wear. Quality-made harnesses allow the harness to be adjusted and taken on/off quickly and easily. STUD harness collection is a perfect pick for your party outfit, it's sexy, it's bold and will bring your sexuality to the dance floor. 

Gay Men Bondage Harness Jockstrap

STUD Australia is a Sydney-basedmen's online gay shop with a range of men underwear,  jockstrap, thong / g-string, circuit party elastic chest and body harness, men's harness, men's swimwear, party clack fans and much more.

STUD Australia bring you the perfect circuit party gear, STUD Gay Men Harness Collection are super soft and stretchable so you feel comparable throughout the party.

Gay Men Fetish Harness

STUD fetish collection heats the fetish scene up with a military-inspired chest harness that is masculine, cool and dirty as fxxk! It is fabricated from high-quality meshed neoprene in a camouflage print with black binding of nylon and spandex blend. The H front design shows off your muscular chest. Two straps trace down your torso that is adjustable with three snap buttons to attach to your jeans, shorts or in this case, our sexy brief for a full gear look. The back has an X-winged high-quality design with a high quality embroidered patch that declares FOR THE PROUD. These straps have a striated rubberized texture for a fetish feel. Matching metal rings, buckles and snap buttons with a matt finish give off a stylish and macho look.

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