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The Gay Circuit Rave Party

Circuit parties are a huge part of gay culture. If you’ve never been to once, it’s definitely an experience you should try at least once in your lifetime. The gay circuit party is a version of a rave, but with a gay-oriented music selection (usually pop, progressive house, and tribal).

The start of the circuit has been attributed to many different parties that sprang up during the time frame of the late 1970s and early 1980s. These proto-circuit parties in the late 1970s, the precursors of what later became circuit parties, were called disco parties. They lasted one evening only.

Gay Men Swimwear

Today, circuit parties are a large scale with big production Circuit parties are weekend-long series of events, attracting thousands of gay men, with a huge finale party on Sunday afternoon, highly publicized and professionally produced, and tend to attract people from a wider age range and a broader geographic area.

What to Wear for A Gay Circuit Party?

Less is more, express yourself with no limit Chest elastic harness will bring your chest, pecs, and shoulders stick out. It’s a masculine look any many would be proud to wear. Quality-made harnesses allow the harness to be adjusted and taken on/off quickly and easily. Many boys like to express their sexuality wearing only jockstraps, speedo swimwear, Some events will have specific themes, like military, white, black, comic, fantasy, etc. Look at the schedule in advance so you can create and bring an outfit. Almost everyone who goes to these parties will work on their outfits for the week, trying to find the right jockstraps, shorts, shoes, and accessories. If you’re going with a group, plan in advance to have everyone go in a coordinated costume theme.

Where to Circuit Party?

Circuit party events usually last all night long, meeting new people, hanging out with friends, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, dancing with hot shirtless men, and having lots of fun. Parties events are hosted on beaches, pools, and in large indoor venues, with big productions and carefully decorated with elaborate themes, lights and stages. The majority of the space is dedicated to the dance floor. The events are centered around music with multiple DJ’s that play at each event.

  • White Parties featuring 13 amazing DJs as well as pool parties, gogo shows, and fireworks. Each of the events has a fun theme that you can dress up for.

  • Black party considered the father of all large gay circuit events and remains unchallenged as the forbearer in an ever-changing NYC nightlife environment

  • We party is one of the best gay parties on the planet. A unique experience thanks to its shows, visuals, decoration and music, serving by the best international

  • Miami Winter Party held in late February or early March each year, where the weather is warm and sunny. This is a giant festival with tons of different events to choose from. You’ll be able to party on the beach during the day, and head to local nightclubs in the evening for even more fun and debauchery.

  • GCircuit SK Bangkok is the biggest party in Asia. It celebrates the Thai New Year and is considered to be the largest gay circuit party in Asia. Held in April, this weekend-long party has a huge DJ lineup, with a giant production as well as two outdoor pool parties during the day.

  • Rapido Amsterdam is an LGBT venue that is famous in the Netherlands and hosts parties all year round.

  • Circuit Festival Barcelona has both main parties and preparties for an entire week that you can take advantage of, and they also have a water park day with a giant pool, rides, and of course plenty of dancing and music.

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