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STUD Sexy Pink Harness

STUD Australia is Gay Online Shop for circuit party gear, check chest & body elastic harnesses

STUD Men Pink Harness

STUD Australia is a Sydney based online gay shop with a range of men underwear,  jockstrap,  men thong / g-string, circuit party elastic chest and body harness, men harness, men swimwear, party clack fans and much more.

The Gay Pride

The Gay Pride is a symbolization of solidarity that you belong to or support the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community. It can be as public or private as you want. A Gay Pride serves to celebrate the sexual identity, solidarity, and diversity in the GLBT community.

The main symbol of the gay pride is the rainbow flag which is affiliated with the GLBT community. Developed by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978, it was evolved in San Francisco as a timeless symbol that could be used every year in the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade. While there have been different symbols and colours connected with gay pride, the rainbow colours are the most popular by far.

What's great about the rainbow flag is that each colour represents a different expression of gay and lesbian life. Rather than just on a flag, the rainbow colours have now been incorporated in a large assortment of gay pride items and gifts. It has become a respected symbol of pride.

is the perfect outfit for any gay pride. It comes with a super soft and stretchable elastics strips in a rainbow pattern with a flattering lattice design. Art inspired CRAYOLA draws memories from one's childhood days and the rainbow of course. Things were so much less complex as a child and sometimes you miss that. Detailed with rainbow striped bands on the front, this set is a must have Harness is an essential part of every gay mans wardrobe.

designed this with the idea that life is about colours and being free to fearlessly love whoever you want without any discrimination. So wear this proud to declare your love. DAYTONA harness has super soft and stretchable rainbow coloured elastics in a complex lattice design that flatters and shows off your chest.

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