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How to Clack A Fan Australia

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

House Of Fans is Australia biggest online shop for big folding hand fans. Our range of BIG folding hand fans includes rave fans, music festival fans, circuit party fans, drag queen fan and much more. UV Glow fans or solid colour we have it all, choose your style and clack your fan as a pro.

First, make sure that you have a high quality folding fan made from bamboo ribs which it is very important for long lasting performance.

  1. Hold the fan in your hand in a closed position. Make sure the part that will slide open is facing downwards.

  2. Flick your wrist with enough force. open the fan quickly with the flick of one’s wrist to create a loud sound.

  3. Move your hand up to cover your face and flutter it swiftly and gently. ...

  4. Avoid fluttering it hard; it's not the purpose of using a fan.

  5. make sure to use the fan in a percussive way to accent or accentuate the beat at a club. it can also be used in a dramatic way before the user fans him or herself to throw shade at someone else.

“she can clack that fan so well! she gets all the beats”

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