Dress to Impress - The Gay Men Circuit Party Chest Harness

Updated: Jan 27

STUD ME UP Australia specialized in gay men circuit chest harnesses made from super soft elastic fabric, flexible and comfortable.

Gay Elastic Chest Harness is absolute only the basic uniform for gay men. Harness is a Bondage gear it had been the uniform of the once underground gay leather bondage scene. Harness has always been part of the gay community, since bands of gay men broke off from the idea that gays were somehow naturally feminine, and chose leather as their emblem for a more manly, masculine look, a richly coded symbol of male sexual submission and control.

Elastic Chest Harness

STUD Elastic Chest Harness will bring your chest, pecs, and shoulders stick out. It’s a masculine look any many would be proud to wear. Quality made harnesses allows the harness to be adjusted and taken on/off quickly and easily. With STUD men's harness collection you can get really creative and come up with a variety of looks.

STUD Rogan chest harness

A perfect match to a circuit party, it striking in its pop colour sensibility combining neon orange and royal blue, this sexy elastic chest harness  is guaranteed to make you a style statement. The harness is subtle and yet sharp looking accented with a retroreflective neon orange strip to shine when the club laser lights hit your chest.

STUD Ronin elastic chest harness,

A Japanese inspired with a touch of the Orient, RONIN harness has super soft and stretchable red and perforated white elastic in a lattice design accented with graphic WEAR IT PROUD band in black (sold out)

STUD Maxima Gold harness

comes with masculine lattice design with our signature metal ring detail is designed to accentuate and enhance that muscular chest that you spent so many hours working out on in the gym (sold out, check website for new collection)

STUD Rainbow Pride harness

The perfect outfit for any gay pride. It comes with a super soft and stretchable elastics strips in a rainbow pattern with a flattering lattice design. Art inspired CRAYOLA draws memories from one's childhood days and the rainbow of course. Things were so much less complex as a child and sometimes you miss that. Detailed with rainbow striped bands on the front, this set is a must have Harness is an essential part of every gay mans wardrobe.

STUD gay men elastic harness collection are made to attract a lot of attention. If you are in a circuit party, rave party or during pride celebration which you want to get dress to impress, make sure to check STUD Wear It Proud.

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