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Elevate your party game with our Tack It Easy Party Clack Fan. Designed for the modern reveler, our fans are crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and performance. Whether you're hitting the dance floor at a circuit party or chilling out at an EDM festival, this fan is your stylish companion for keeping cool and looking fabulous.
Made with nylon fabric and bamboo ribs, our fans are both lightweight and sturdy, making them ideal for all-night dancing. But what truly makes them stand out is their UV glow feature, which adds an extra element of excitement to any party. Get ready to glow and steal the spotlight with our Tack It Easy Party Clack Fan.
Order yours today and get ready to shine bright at your next event. Let our UV glow fan be your secret weapon for turning heads and making memories.

Material: Nylon fabric, bamboo ribs
Special Feature: UV glow fan / fluorescent / black-light reactive

Take It Easy (UV Glow)

SKU: takeiteasy
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