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ARTIE Celebrate Love and Acceptance with Men's Pride Tank Top - Premium Fabric, Bold Design, Eye-catching Rainbow Piping, Detachable Rainbow Strap, Perfect for Pride event.


ARTIE Men's Pride Tank Top is perfect for Pride celebrations and everyday wear. It is crafted from premium fabric, 84% Nylon and 16% Elastane, ensuring supreme comfort and flexibility. This tank top features a bold low-cut square neckline and racerback design for a confident look, along with eye-catching rainbow piping and a detachable rainbow strap for added style. Made with pride, ARTIE embodies the values of unity and diversity, making it suitable for pride events and beyond. Celebrate love and acceptance with ARTIE Men's Pride Tank Top

- Premium Fabric: ARTIE Men's Pride Tank Top measures 84% Nylon and 16% Elastane and is suitable for adults. Crafted with premium materials to ensure the highest quality and durability. 
- Bold Design: Includes a bold low-cut square neckline and racerback design for a snug fit and confident look. Perfect for pride events and encourages self-expression and confidence.
- Eye-catching Rainbow Piping: Features vibrant rainbow piping for a playful and stylish twist. Ideal for Pride celebrations and adds a pop of colour to any outfit.
- Detachable Rainbow Strap: Comes with a detachable rainbow strap featuring a polished metal buckle, adding versatility and customization options to your look. Perfect for Pride parades and festivals.
- Perfect for Pride: ARTIE Men's Pride Tank Top is designed to celebrate love and acceptance. It embodies the spirit of Pride and allows you to express yourself authentically.




Tank Top + Strap


SKU: RW1367TT02
  • SMALL 32" - 36"
    MEDIUM 36" - 40"
    LARGE 40" - 44"
    X-LARGE 44" - 48"
  • Machine wash cold, do not tumble dry, and do not iron or dry clean (top only).

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