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TAKI Stylish Silver and White Male Chest Harness - Shimmery Texture, Complex Lattice Design, Detachable Black Buckle, Flattering Fit, and STUD WEAR IT PROUD Label.


The TAKI silver and white male harness is the perfect circuit party outfit. It is a shimmery textured, intricate lattice design, detachable black buckle, flattering fit, STUD WEAR IT PROUD label, and exudes elegance. Made with quality craftsmanship, this harness ensures durability and comfort. Its unique features guarantee a standout style and add sophistication to any outfit. Our TAKI harness comes with a detachable black buckle offering a unique and versatile men's chest harness for any circuit party lovers.

- Shimmery Texture: TAKI's harness is handcrafted with quality straps and an intricate lattice design for durability.
- Detachable Black Buckle: Includes a single detachable black buckle for versatile styling options. Perfect for fashion-forward individuals and encourages personal expression.
- Flattering Fit: TAKI's harness features a complex lattice design for a unique style statement. Ideal for bold fashion choices and making a statement.
- Quality Craftsmanship: Made with premium straps that provide comfort and durability, suitable for all party lovers and clubbers and offers a sleek and stylish look.
- STUD WEAR IT PROUD Label: Infused with STUD WEAR IT PROUD charm, adding a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to your outfit.




Harness Only


SKU: RW1316T21
$71.00 Regular Price
$56.80Sale Price

Sale 20% 0ff

  • SMALL 32" - 36"
    MEDIUM 36" - 40"
    LARGE 40" - 44"
    X-LARGE 44" - 48"
  • Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.

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