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GHENT Enhances Sensuality with Men's Kink Bikini Jockstrap - Detachable Sides, Perforated Mesh, Fully Open Back, and Stainless Steel Buckles


GHENT is the perfect solution for fetish and BDSM enthusiasts. It has Detachable Sides, Perforated Mesh, Stainless Steel Buckles, Double-Faced Polyester, User-Friendly, Sensual Experience, and Man-On-Man Action. Made with high-quality materials, GHENT ensures durability and comfort. Its unique design provides heightened pleasure and stimulation. The polyester fabric offers durability, making it suitable for all-night wear. Our GHENT is easy to wear with detachable sides and is designed to intensify intimate moments. 


- Perforated Mesh: Includes one adjustable strap for endless roleplay possibilities. Perfect for intimate nights and encourages confidence development, suitable for adults.

- Stainless Steel Buckles: GHENT features a unique design for enhanced stimulation. Ideal for adventurous souls and heightened pleasure.

- Double-Faced Polyester: GHENT made with high-quality polyester provides comfort. Suitable for all-night wear, perfect for fetish enthusiasts and offers durability to withstand intense encounters.

- User Applications: GHENT is easy to wear with detachable sides and is designed to intensify intimate moments. Perfect for fetish and BDSM enthusiasts.

- Sensual Experience: Teases and reveals your bulge, enhancing arousal and satisfaction.

- Man-On-Man Action: Promotes exploration and connection between partners.





SKU: U1306LB01
$73.00 Regular Price
$54.75Sale Price

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  • SMALL 28" - 30"
    MEDIUM 31" - 33"
    LARGE 34" - 36"
    X-LARGE 37" - 39"
  • Hand wash, dry flat, do not tumble dry, do not iron or dry clean.

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