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Provocative Gay Body Fetish Harness - Stylish, Adjustable, Comfortable, Daring, Empowering.

Unleash your passion and express your true self with our Provocative Gay Body Fetish Harness. Crafted from premium materials, this daring harness is designed for those who dare to be different. Its adjustable straps ensure a customized fit, while the unique racerback design with metal studs and rings adds a touch of excitement to any outfit. Whether dancing the night away or making a bold statement, our harness empowers you to embrace your authentic self. Perfect for clubbing, pride events, or everyday wear, our harness is suitable for men of all ages who want to unleash their inner confidence and own their style.


- Stylish and daring: Crafted from premium materials, our harness adds excitement to any outfit.

- Adjustable fit: Customize the fit with adjustable straps for maximum comfort and style.

- Empowering design: Unique racerback design with metal studs and rings for a bold statement.

- Comfortable wear: Designed for all-day wear, allowing you to dance the night away or make a bold statement.

- Unleash your confidence: Express your true self with our provocative harness, designed for those who dare to be different.




Harness Only


Underwear with internal loops:

STUD Rigges 

STUD Klimt


Any bottom with a ring, such as:

STUD Durham

STUD De Facto


SKU: RW1253T20
$96.00 Regular Price
$76.80Sale Price

Sale 20% Off

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