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Drag Queen Bamboo Big BeYoutiful Fan (UV Glow) - House Of Fans 

Unleash your inner diva and captivate the crowd with our big folding fan BeYoutiful Fan (UV Glow). Designed for the vibrant souls who seek to stand out, this drag queen bamboo fan is a must-have accessory for every performer. Crafted meticulously by House Of Fans, Australia's premier online shop for extravagant folding hand fans.  With its bold design and impeccable quality, this fan is not just an accessory but a statement piece, elevating your performance to new heights. Let your personality shine through with this eye-catching fan that exudes confidence and style. Get yours now and own the stage like a true professional.
Grab the spotlight and make heads turn with our BeYoutiful Fan (UV Glow). Be the star of the show today!

60cm (open)

BeYoutiful Fan (UV Glow)

SKU: ab19
Only 2 left in stock
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