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Why Jockstrap?

The gay fashion world has a huge variety of men’s underwear than before. Everyone has their own personal preference, mine is Jockstrap.


The jockstrap is popular among athletes because the back of the Jockstrap underwear is almost completely open, with only the edges supporting your butt only the front part is closed. Therefore, do not be surprised that sweaty sportsmen often wear pants in this way. With airiness and without the fabric on the back to ventilated and reduces damp caused by playing sports.

The main purpose of a traditional jockstrap is to provide stability and support for the wearer's genitals while playing sports or performing other strenuous activities. Without a jockstrap or other form of supportive underwear, a man could experience painful tearing or stretching of the testicles, for example. An athletic supporter suspends the wearer's genitals securely, minimizing shifting under stress. This is why many physical education instructors strongly urge their male students to wear jockstraps in addition to any other protective or compressive gear.


Jockstrap - A hybrid version of an airjock, DIEM is a standout design inspired by geometry. Cut from quality cotton elastane teamed with our signature WEAR IT PROUD waistband, the front pouch features a striking ‘V’ shaped fluorescent yellow perforated mesh detail accented with black trims. Whilst this ‘V’ design enhances the visual appearance of the bulge, the back is cleverly arched with white piping to show off the curve of your butt. Highly stretchable elasticated straps in black cross from the front to the back and amplify this complex wonderful design


In sport jockstraps feature elastic waistbands, the front pouch is designed to provide a very snug fit. The wearer places his legs through two elastic bands, which do not attach to the waistband. The wearer may have the option of fitting a protective plastic cup to a special pouch built into the front of certain types of jockstraps. Others may wear bicycle shorts, wrestling unitards or compression shorts over the athletic supporter. The cushioned jockstrap not only provides protection from chafing, but it also provides some modesty for the wearer.

The term jockstrap can be traced back to the late 19th century, when a number of sportswear designers produced the first supportive undergarments for "bicycle jockeys," cyclists who often suffered torsion injuries while riding on rough city streets. Other athletes soon discovered the advantages of wearing jockey straps, and the name became shortened over time to the modern jockstrap. The concept of wearing protective pieces over one's genitals can be traced back to medieval codpieces and ancient loincloths, but these devices were not necessarily suited for athletic events.

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