The Men Thong & G-String Underwear

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Masculine men underwear is often thought to include boxers or boxer briefs because men's bodies simply aren't built to fit into a thong. There are many men who find that thongs have a nicer fit than boxers or briefs as thongs never have uncomfortable bunching. A well-made men's thong can also be more comfortable than traditional men's underwear because it provides a lot of support and coverage in the front, exactly where men need it. Because of the appropriate coverage in the front, combined with minimal fabric elsewhere, once men get used to the idea and feel, men thongs are actually nicer underwear.

Whatever your views are about male thong underwear and men in g-strings, there has to be some reason why they have become so popular. Gone are the days when it was a case of the novelty thong, we are talking about top leading designer brands cottoning on to the fact that men wear this type of underwear and are manufacturing them to meet demand.

Men love thong & g-string because of the incredible support, functionality and practical qualities they have. This concurs with the fact that there is probably a greater argument for the fact that thongs are more suited to men than they are to women.

Men's thongs are believed to have been around for thousands of years and are documented as being over 5000 years old. Undoubtedly, our ancestors first wore thongs when vanity was not such any issue, men weren't shouted out as being gay for running around in one whilst trying to kill a lion with their spear and women couldn't have given a dam, so long as the bloke brought back some food. They most likely wore them because they did what they were supposed to do, cover, support and protect.

This basic need for men to have a practical and supportive is just the same today, it's just that vanity, socialisation and cultures get in the way of us sometimes choosing what is right. Regardless of whether you are repulsed, entertained, intrigued, or excited to see men in thong underwear, everyone can agree that thong men's underwear is around to stay. And even those that find men in thongs so nauseating, they are usually glad there is at least underwear being worn!


A racy well cut style that is as bare as it can get, the ELECTRO thong is cut from super sexy sheer dri fit mesh fabric with a perforation gauge that is bigger than normal, hence revealing more


CORFU thong is cut from super sexy sheer camouflage printed fabric that has been double layered for an illiusory 3D effect.

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