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The Gay Men Underwear

Underwear is the most worn item of clothing in your wardrobe.

Let’s face it, gay boys love underwear and why not, gay boys want to feel sexy all year round. We should all be wearing underwear that’s not only comfortable but also stylish and sexy. No one’s feeling sexy when they’re wearing a years-old pair of briefs with saggy elastic. We want our confidence to boost with a flattering pair of briefs, jockstrap, trunk, g-string or any sexy underwear.

Gay Men Underwear

When we are figuring out our sexuality and who we are, our insecurities can hold us back in lots of different ways. Once we realize that the most attractive qualities are having some self-confidence and a sense of fun, we are going to be more open to new experiences.

So, what type of underwear should I buy? Underwear is a largely personal choice, briefs or boxers? Should I choose to wear trunks, or should I wear jocks? Which type of underwear will look good on me?

Here are some general underwear and hygiene tips that can help improve your genital health:

  • If you’re between sizes in underwear, go for a size up.

  • change your underwear (at least) once a day to prevent bacteria accumulation.

  • When working out, try to wear moisture-wicking underwear with a little stretch to it, which may help prevent bacteria buildup.

  • It’s safe and may actually be advisable not to wear underwear at night when going to sleep. You can wear very loose-fitting bottoms if you prefer not to be naked.

  • Launder your undergarments in hypoallergenic detergent.

A perfect-fitting underwear (e.g., briefs and boxers) requires an accurate measurement of the waistband. When measuring, make sure that you wrap the measuring tape around the area of the waist where you previously worn underwear. Avoid holding your breath, contracting your abdomen, or doing an similar slimming tricks to make your waist size seem smaller than it actually is. Comfort should matter more than size labels.

Gay Jockstrap

After determining your waist, it is essential to identify the size of the front pouch. There are no rules, it’s a personal feelings. However the possibilities are numerous. It’s up to you to see if you prefer to opt for a front pouch with maximum space for more comfort and freedom or if you prefer more classic models. There are more and more different today, able to meet the simplest needs as well as the needs of the most demanding.

Choosing the right underwear for your waist and the quality of your front pouch is not enough. It happens for example that some of us have a very thin waist and very muscular thighs. If you have small buttocks, favor push-up underwear that will accentuate your back volume. On the contrary, if you already have pretty shapes, look above all for comfort by taking underwear that will highlight them as thongs or jockstraps.

Not everyone gets to see your underwear, but those who do, are probably some very special people in your life. If you are sometimes in a situation where you need to take off your pants for any reason, you shouldn’t try to find any excuses not to do that. Being comfortable with what you’re wearing will have a huge impact on your confidence as well.

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