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International Gay Events, Parties and Pride

Gay Circuit Parties Around the World

Gay circuit parties are held around the world, particularly in large cities with vibrant LGBTQ+ communities. These parties typically feature electronic dance music, elaborate light shows, and high-energy performances by DJs and other artists. Some of the most popular circuit parties take place during Pride Month, but there are events held throughout the year in cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Berlin, Madrid, Sao Paulo, and Sydney. It's important to note that while circuit parties can be fun and exciting, they can also involve risky behaviour such as drug use and unprotected sex. It's important to practice safe sex and make responsible decisions if you choose to attend one of these events.

Circuit parties are events that were originally created as a spin-off of tea dances attended by a specific group of gay men. They were also modelled after theme parties which took place on Fire Island during a time when police brutality towards the gay community was high, but before the HIV/AIDS epidemic began. These parties became similar to rave parties but differ in that they are marketed and produced on a professional level and attract attendees from a wide age range and geographic location. Essentially, circuit parties are highly-publicized and well-organized events that are open to a broader audience than just those in the underground rave scene.

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Circuit Festival Barcelona

The festival is described as the "biggest international gay festival" and offers some of the best worldwide Mediterranean summer holidays. The festival attracts a large international crowd and offers a variety of events that celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and pride. Barcelona hosts Europe's Largest Gay Circuit Festival in August, complete with the legendary Waterpark event. Barcelona Circuit Festival is the biggest European gay festival, featuring ten days of beach fun, pool parties and evening circuit events

White Party Palm Springs

Every year, Palm Springs, California hosts the White Party, an extravagant gay circuit party. This celebration is undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy events on the international LGBT party scene, with a turnout of thousands of guests worldwide. The itinerary consists of fashion shows, pool parties, live performances by DJs, and other enjoyable activities. The party is precisely known for its mandatory all-white dress code that the attendees must follow strictly. This dazzling festival spans across three days, with seven included parties in the Weekend Pass. These parties feature top-notch recording artists, WP's Global DJs, as well as captivating specialty acts that ensure the guests are thoroughly entertained.

Folsom Street Fair Fetish Festival

The Folsom Street Fair is an annual fetish festival held in San Francisco to celebrate leather, BDSM, and other kinks. It is recognized as one of the world's largest fetish festivals, drawing in more than 400,000 enthusiasts. The event offers a range of delights including live music, vendor booths, and public displays of BDSM activities.

White Party Bangkok

White Party Bangkok is an annual event that takes place in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a massive LGBT+ dance party that attracts thousands of people from around the world. The dress code for the party is all-white, and the event is known for its spectacular light shows, music performances, and impressive production values.

The White Party originated in the United States, but it has since become a global phenomenon, with events taking place in various cities across the world. The Bangkok edition is one of the largest and most popular, drawing party-goers from across Asia and beyond.

The party is known for its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, and it attracts a diverse crowd of people from all walks of life. It is an opportunity for people to come together, celebrate diversity, and have a good time in a safe and supportive environment.

GCircuit Bangkok

Annually held in Bangkok, Thailand, "G Circuit" is a multi-day LGBT+ circuit party that comprises parties, cultural events, and concerts. The event is organized by "GCircuit," a prominent LGBT+ event planner in Asia. Renowned for its zeal-packed ambience, breathtaking productions, and world-renowned DJs, thousands of people from different parts of the globe attend the event. The revelries occur in some of Bangkok's renowned nightclubs that offer elaborate performances, dancers, and light shows.

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Gay Pride Festival Around the World

The largest gay pride festivals in the world, based on the number of attendees:

São Paulo Gay Pride Parade São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo Pride is the largest LGBTQ+ Pride parade in the world. It takes place annually in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, usually on the first or second Sunday of June. The event attracts millions of people and includes a parade, performances, and talks on LGBTQ+ issues (Estimated 3 million attendees in 2019)

Madrid Pride Madrid, Spain

Is an annual LGBTQ+ festival held in Madrid, Spain. It is also known as MADO (Madrid Orgullo). The event takes place in late June and early July, and it features a variety of cultural and social events, including concerts, marches, parties, and other festivities. Madrid Pride is one of the largest LGBTQ+ events in Europe, and it attracts millions of visitors from around the world (Estimated 2 million attendees in 2019).

New York City Pride - New York, United States

Is an annual LGBTQ+ Pride celebration held at the end of June in New York City. It is one of the largest and oldest Pride events in the world, with the first march taking place in 1970. The event includes a parade, rallies, parties, and other events celebrating the LGBTQ+ community (Estimated 2 million attendees in 2019).

Berlin Pride - Berlin, Germany

Also known as Berlin CSD (Christopher Street Day), is one of the largest LGBTQ+ events in Europe. It has been held annually in Berlin, Germany since 1979 to commemorate the Stonewall riots in New York City in 1969. The event typically takes place in late July or early August and includes a parade, parties, concerts, and cultural events. The motto of Berlin Pride changes each year, and it is chosen by the community. The motto for 2021 is "Don't hide your Pride, be queer and visible" (Estimated 1.5 million attendees in 2019).

Toronto Pride - Toronto, Canada

An annual LGBTQ+ event that takes place in Toronto, Canada. It is one of the largest Pride festivals in North America and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. The festival features a variety of events, including a parade, concerts, parties, film screenings, art exhibitions, and community gatherings. The parade is the centrepiece of the festival, and it features colourful floats, music, and performances from LGBTQ+ organizations and allies. Toronto Pride is not just a celebration, but also an opportunity to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues and advocate for equal rights and protections for the community. The festival provides a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to come together and celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and love (Estimated 1.5 million attendees in 2019).

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Mexico City Pride - Mexico City, Mexico

Also known as Marcha del Orgullo LGBTTTI de la Ciudad de México in Spanish, is an annual event that takes place in Mexico City to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and promote equality, inclusion, and acceptance of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The first Mexico City Pride was held in 1978, and since then it has grown into one of the largest Pride celebrations in Latin America. The Mexico City Pride parade typically takes place in June, which is recognized as Pride Month worldwide. The parade is accompanied by a series of events, such as concerts, cultural exhibits, and conferences, that aim to raise awareness and promote LGBTQ+ rights. Mexico City is known for its progressive stance on LGBTQ+ issues. In 2010, the city became the first in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage, and in 2015, it passed a law allowing transgender individuals to legally change their gender identity without undergoing surgery or hormone therapy. However, discrimination and violence against the LGBTQ+ community still persist in Mexico, and Mexico City Pride serves as a platform to bring attention to these issues and advocate for change Estimated 1 million attendees in 2019).

San Francisco Pride - San Francisco, United States

Held over a weekend in June and features a variety of activities and events, including a parade, music performances, cultural exhibits, and more. San Francisco Pride began in 1970, just one year after the Stonewall riots in New York City, which is considered to be the birth of the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement. The event has grown significantly over the years and is now one of the largest and most famous Pride events in the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe. The San Francisco Pride Parade is the highlight of the event, featuring floats, marching bands, dance groups, and thousands of participants. The parade usually starts in the morning and winds its way through the streets of San Francisco before ending at the Civic Center, where a variety of performances and other activities take place (Estimated 1 million attendees in 2019).

London Pride - London, United Kingdom

The first London Gay Pride march was held in 1972, and since then, the event has grown in size and visibility, attracting participants and spectators from around the world. The event is organized by Pride in London, a non-profit organization run by volunteers, which aims to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and campaign for equal rights and opportunities. London Gay Pride has become an important symbol of LGBTQ+ visibility and empowerment, providing a platform for people of all genders and sexual orientations to come together and celebrate their identities. It has also been instrumental in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, including the legalization of same-sex marriage in the UK (Estimated 1 million attendees in 2019).

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras - Sydney, Australia

One of the world's largest celebrations of LGBTQ+ culture and community and has been running since 1978. The event usually takes place over several weeks, with the main parade and party taking place on the first Saturday in March. The parade features floats, dancers, and performers from a variety of LGBTQ+ groups, as well as supporters and allies. The party afterwards is a huge celebration that lasts well into the night EstimatedThe Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has a long and rich history of activism, and has played an important role in promoting LGBTQ+ rights and visibility in Australia. It continues to be an important cultural event and a symbol of pride and solidarity for LGBTQ+ people around (Estimate 500.000 attendees in 2019).

Amsterdam Pride - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Typically held in the first week of August and is one of the largest Pride events in the world, attracting visitors from all over the globe. Amsterdam Pride includes a series of events and activities, such as a Pride Walk, a Rainbow Market, street parties, club nights, and a Canal Parade. The Canal Parade is one of the highlights of the event, with colourful boats decorated in all sorts of creative and eye-catching ways sailing through the city's canals, while thousands of spectators watch from the banks. Amsterdam is known for being a very tolerant and liberal city, and Amsterdam Pride is a testament to this reputation. The event attracts not only LGBT+ individuals, but also allies and supporters who come to show their solidarity and enjoy the festive atmosphere (Estimated 500,000 attendees in 2019).

Taipei Pride - Taipei, Taiwan

One of the largest Pride parades in Asia, and it typically takes place in late October or early November. The first Taipei Pride was held in 2003 and has grown significantly in size and visibility over the years. The event includes a parade through the streets of Taipei, as well as a series of cultural and social events such as film screenings, parties, and forums. Taiwan is considered to be one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly countries in Asia, and Taipei Pride has become a symbol of the country's progress in advancing LGBTQ+ rights and equality. In 2019, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, which was a significant milestone in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights in the region (Estimated 500,000 attendees in 2019).

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