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Gay Party Fashion Wear

STUD ME UP is a unique brand, offering premium quality and fashion-forward gay clothing. We pride ourselves on our customer service and the quality of our garments. Our fun, striking and bold designs are sure to make you stand out from the crowd! The world is full of colour, and we want to share it with you!

Malik Delgaty

GRAPHITE features a complex masculine lattice design that traces contours and lines over your chest and back. Crafted from unique high-quality iridescent straps which have great stretch, its subtle shimmery texture gives a stylish and sophisticated look

Take your party experience to the next level with our one-off collection of new and stylish items. Our unique items will keep you looking sharp. This is the perfect collection for anyone who is excited about attending gay pride events, gay pride parades, or circuit party festivals and gatherings.

malik degaty

ASTRAL is a masculine sleeveless hoodie with a relaxed fit fabricated from a perforated mesh fabric that has great stretch. The piece de resistance to this seemingly nondescript design is on its back which features a striking vertical band studded with rivet-like beadwork

STUD ME UP clothing is an expression of self-identity, a form of active self-expression, and a celebration of being free to be who you are. Our clothing is fun, flamboyant and colourful. It’s not just a symbol of just the LGBT community but also an expression of one’s right to wear whatever you want to wear.

Our collections are made to fit your body and comfort level. Every item is made with love and no two items are alike. Create your own individual look with the perfect selection of party wear, harnesses, and more.

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