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Spice Up Your Relationship - The Gay Fetish Game

Any relationships in general and specifically in gay relationship are not like going to bed from work and having sex. There are loads of things you need to know.

Gay Fetish

1. If you tell your partner to spice things up, they might suppose they are a bore to you. So be a little careful and prudent with whatever you want to say and how you say it.

2. Don't think about intimacy as something to be done as a habit. Do sex as a routine and run through the same set of acts every time will make each encounter less eventful. When you get used to it, you will no longer feel happy. Explore different techniques. Involve lots of touch and skin contact. Hug, kiss, caress, and hold hands.

3. Don't fight over bills and finances. Be romantic sometimes. Send nice messages to your partner. Be thoughtful.

4. Introduce adult toys in your intimate recipe. Suggest you browse over items at an adult toy shop. Or surprise your partner by giving them an adult toy as a gift item. There are several items which are ideal to be given as gifts.

5. Explore bondage gear. In this business, starters may opt for milder versions of bondage gears like sexy jockstrap, harness, etc (check STUD collection).

6. Set the room. Make it look cozy. You would not want to have intimate actions while the room is a mess. Keep all dirty clothes in the laundry bin. Fix the sheets. Play some soothing music. Light scented candles. Make sure the temperature is at a comfy level.

7. Lubes are a must. There are lots of items in the market and each item may be specific. Learn that some lubricating substances do not work with other materials. Oil-based lubricants like Vaseline cannot be used with latex. There are warming massage lubes you can opt for.

8. Look sexy. Surprise your lover by being in sexy or naughty lingerie. Provoke your lover's sense of sight.

9. Try doing it outside the bedroom for some awesome variety -- bath room, stairs, kitchen, tables, chairs, couches, and walls. Try doing it outside -- in the garden -- on a clear starry night.

10. Feel free to say you don't like something. Say it nicely though.

The road to great sex with your partner is with communication, be open and say what you have in mind, understating your partner and yourself will bring you to the next level of relationship.


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Gay Fetish


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