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Gay Club Outfit

If it's a casual night out clubbing or a big circuit party (rave gay party), usually less is more. Before going clubbing you have to remember the 3 stages - the early stage getting to the club, middle stage where you spent most of the night, and the last stage when you are leaving the venue.

Going and leaving the venue wear something that makes you feel good and allows you to feel comfortable

Gay Clubwear

The main stage of your night is the party, what to wear? and as we said less is more.

Underwear Party - Underwear, yes you heard it right, you want to choose underwear that you are comfortable wearing and make you feel confident. There are many styles of men’s underwear these days to choose from… briefs, trunks, jockstraps, thongs, jock-thongs, peek-a-boo (ass-less briefs) and many more. Also, plan for underwear parties like you would plan for a date. Dress to impress!

Now, if you want to present a sportier look, go with a pair of designer jockstraps. They will guarantee that you will get attention.

You can accessorize your underwear with a sexy harness. Harnesses for men accentuate your chest and upper body and they look hot!

Gay Men Jockstrap Party

Gay Elastic Chest Harness is absolute only the basic uniform for gay men. Harness is a Bondage gear it had been the uniform of the once underground gay leather bondage scene. Harness has always been part of the gay community, since bands of gay men broke off from the idea that gays were somehow naturally feminine, and chose leather as their emblem for a more manly, masculine look, a richly coded symbol of male sexual submission and control.

STUD Australia is a Sydney based online gay brand with a range of men underwear, jockstrap, thong / g-string, circuit party elastic chest and body harness, men harness, gay men fetish gear, men swimwear, party clack fans and much more.

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