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They Gay Circuit Party Fan Language or Not - Clack your Fan

Whether there is or not secret hand fan communication in the gay circuit party or whether it was just a satirical and cynical ploy used by the boys, there are a number of impracticalities with the system.

Firstly, you have to assume that the recipient will understand the message. This would be difficult in a crowded assembly club, not to mention the embarrassment of the wrong person picking up your message. Also, the language is hardly secret if it is available for everybody to read about and to discover. But most importantly what if you just wanted to use your fan to cool down.

It seems that if there was any form of communication involving fan movements it had more to do with body language and general flirtatious behavior, for example acting coy by hiding your face behind your fan, or elegantly lifting your fan to expose your dainty pale wrists. In any case, impracticable and as unlikely as it was, the secret language of the hand fan it is certainly an idea that persists.

So if there is a secret language or not, learn how to clack your fan like a pro.

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