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The Rave Party Hand Folding Fan

House Of Fans is Australia biggest online shop for big folding hand fans. Our range of BIG folding hand fans includes rave fans, music festival fans, circuit party fans, drag queen fan and much more. UV Glow fans or solid colour we have it all, choose your style and clack your fan as a pro.

Rave parties have immense popularity mainly because of the fact that people coming for these party can wear anything they want unlike some parties were the invitees have to come with respect to a particular theme. These parties require the rave clothes to be bright and colourful and should attract the people upon a single glance.

Rave consists of number of items or accessories including UV Glow BIG HAND FOLDING FAN, equalizer shirts, battery operated stuff like lasers, glow sticks etc. The main purposes of all of these are to look as glamorous and as bright as possible in the dark. The concept of rave parties as well as rave fashion has changed over a period of time. It has become more hip hop. Even rave lights and rave gear have undergone a dramatic change. The rave fan is a bright uv glow colourful fan. Rave fans are very good choice to have for situation were one need to be really chilled out.

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