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The Gay Circuit Party Folding Fan

Gay Circuit Party Clack Fan - House Of Fans is Australia biggest online shop for big folding hand fans. Our range of hand fans includes rave fans, music festival fans, circuit party fans and much more. UV Glow fans or solid colour we have it all, choose your style and clack your fan as a pro.

Our fans are made from bamboo ribs and nylon fabric, they are big (as you like them to be...) 60cm x 30cm and defiantly will grab the attention of the boys around.

The fan is a must have accessory in any circuit party and the bigger the better. The hand folding fan come long way since his Chinese tradition. Today the fans are more colouful and have a cute design with a cheeky messages. 

You can find boys (and girls) drag queen and kings straight and gays are using big folding hand fan many circuit parties, rave and music festivals.

You can use the fan to cool your body or to the people around you, you can use the fan for a pickup or sending a message but always remember to clack your fan to the beat.

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