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Which Underwear Should I buy?

The most common type of fabric for all kinds of men’s underwear is cotton which is natural fiber and most suitable for an active lifestyle. It’s highly breathable, cotton has exceptional hypoallergenic properties. So it doesn’t cause irritation in the most sensitive areas. This comes in handy at the time of working out.

On top of that, when the fabric is so breathable, it decides against trapping bacteria. And even sweat down there. However, cotton does offer a few drawbacks. Pure cotton provides absolutely no amount of stretch. So this, obviously, poses a problem when performing constant movements.

The solution here is buying underwear designed using a cotton and lycra or rayon blend. This way you get to make the most of the comfort and breathability of the cotton. Along with the stretch-ability of lycra and rayon.

Gay Men Underwear

The other option is polyester which has the power to withstand tough athletic movements. The stretch this synthetic material offers allows the underwear to move with you. No matter what type of exercise or movement you’re performing!

Polyester wicks away moisture and sweat. Unlike cotton that absorbs it all and stays that way. So you can expect your area down there to be comfortable and dry. And since moisture is kept at bay the chances of fungus or other such embarrassing concerns developing are almost eliminated.

How long should I wear the same underwear?

In terms of health, it’s okay to wear the same pair of undies for two days consecutively, as long as your underwear is clean, they’re good to go for another day. Look for any skin rashes or sores when repeating the same underwear for the next day.

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